How does it all work?

The typical design process we follow for renovation projects include:

  • Initial interview and project walk-through
  • Scheduling, planning and budget
  • Design and review
  • Construction drawings and specifications.
  • Bidding and pricing
  • Building permits
  • Purchasing finishes, fixtures, and furnishings
  • Construction and finishes
  • Installation of furnishings and accessories

At first, this may seem like an extensive process for the project you have in mind. But, it is a systematized method that allows you to participate. You will understand the development of your entire project. This methodology is tried and true: it allows you to use your time and budget wisely—giving you final design results you feel great about.

MAPLAB offers singular design services to individuals who are considering a larger project or seeking help with a specific one. Sometimes all it takes is a small home improvement to create a significant positive impact on your home and life.