Complete Design Services

Our residential design and renovation projects range from consulting on color to rehabbing single rooms like the kitchen—all the way to the redesign of an entire home.

Many of our projects are single rooms or designated areas in a home—a kitchen with adjacent family room, a master bedroom and bath suite, or an unfinished basement. Sometimes these rooms require an addition or a corresponding outdoor room like a porch or deck to achieve the desired outcome.

We determine the style and look of your project together with you, deciding what best expresses your taste and needs while balancing the plan with the rest of your home.

While it may feel that your house or condo cannot be made to fit you and your lifestyle anymore, many times it can be. Rehabbing an entire house or condo requires project management to ensure the desired results, budget, and timeline are met. We support busy executives and social families who need projects to run smoothly.